Lafayette Paving Contractor

A step above the rest

Are you looking for a paving contractor in Lafayette, LA? Look no further than the paving experts at SSS Inc. Our expert asphalt and concrete contractor will come out to your business to get to know what your goals are for your project. From there we can develop a proposal for the job.

We know that every situation is unique and each job presents different obstacles and challenges. That is why we take the time to assess the project in full and develop a proposal after the assessment.

If you want to ensure that you are happy with your next asphalt or concrete job then contact our commercial paving contractor today to learn more about our services!

SSS Inc. offers the following paving services in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas:

• Crack sealing
• Striping
• Seal coating
• Concrete repair
• Concrete installation
• Asphalt repair
• Asphalt installation