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When it comes to choosing a concrete contractor there are many options. However, there is a difference between picking a company and picking the right company for you. SSS Incorporated has been serving Lafayette, New Iberia, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Acadiana for over 37 years doing all types of commercial pavement and parking lot maintenance. Over the years we have come to know the Lafayette, New Orleans and surrounding area and are familiar with the conditions you face.

The worst case scenario is allowing sections of a lot to become damaged, which could lead to personal injuries and damage to vehicles - not to mention it's unsightly. SSS Incorporated delivers professional quality services and has experience doing small and large commercial projects, from shopping centers to office buildings, hospitals, schools, government buildings - and more. Facility owners and property managers can call SSS Incorporated between the hours of 8 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday to schedule a paving project or other installation services.

SSS Incorporated Offers the Following Services:

•Concrete Repair
•Asphalt Repair
•Crack & Joint Sealing
•Seal Coating
•Parking Lot Demolition
•Clearing & Grubbing
•Removal & Demolition
•Grading & Shaping
•Excavation & Embankment work
•Dirt pads
•Soil Stabilization
•Storm Drainage

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