Cracksealing in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles & New Orleans, LA

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SSS Inc provides crack and joint sealing services year around in the Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles & New Orleans, LA areas! It is important that you pay close attention to cracks that are forming on your pavement surface. When the cracks are found early then our team can properly seal the crack to repair the damage. However, the longer that the crack goes without repair then the more extensive the damage will be. If the damage is severe then the pavement will not benefit from crack sealing. In these cases the pavement will have to be resurfaced.

There are 5 types of cracks that we look for when inspecting pavement:

Reflective Cracks: These pavement cracks appear mainly in resurfacing projects. However, it is important to note that they can appear on new pavement too. Reflective cracks occur when the current joint in the underlying pavement structure reflects up through the surface.
Block Cracks: These pavement cracks form a square pattern, so they are easy to identify. Block cracks typically form when they are inconsistent traffic patterns, excessive air voids, or an overly high plant mixture.
Slippage: These pavement cracks are crescent shaped. Typically slippage cracks form if there is heavy traffic that is stopping or turning.
Alligator Cracks:These pavement cracks are caused by a failure of the surface of the pavement as a result of high traffic zones. They are referred to as alligator cracks because they form a scale like look.
Joint Cracks: These pavement cracks occur during the initial construction phase when the edges of two pavement mats are placed next to each other. When they do not bond properly then a joint crack is formed.