SSS INC. Paving Services

Serving Lafayette, LA and Surrounding Areas; Including Baton Rouge, Lake Charles & New Orleans, LA

When you are considering pavement for your business there are more options to choose from then you might think. SSS INC. offers both concrete and asphalt services to business owners in Lafayette and surrounding areas, including Baton Rouge, Lake Charles & New Orleans, LA. We will partner with you to determine what type of paving fits your needs. There are many factors to consider when selecting asphalt or concrete pavement such as:

•Topography of area

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Asphalt or Concrete?


•Cost Effective
•Maintenance is relatively easy
•Easy to repair cracks
•Shrinks and expands with temperature changes


•Lasts longer than asphalt
•Less maintenance, but repairs are more difficult
•More difficult to repair cracks