SSS Incorporated concentrates on maintenance and repair of concrete and asphalt surfaces in the Lafayette area including New Iberia, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria. Aside from repairing asphalt and concrete, we also do:

• Striping lines for parking spaces and ADA requirements

• Crack and joint sealing - When joints fail they will need to be sealed. Using a joint sealer stops water entry and protects the foundation of the pavement. This is an effective method used to keep moisture from penetrating into newly repaired material.

• Trenching-laying underground pipes - This service is performed for businesses needing to run any type of water or sewer line.

• Seal coating- Seal coating is a preventive measure used to waterproof asphalt. It rejuvenates and replenishes some of the oils, preventing water from getting underneath the surface.

Seal Coating


Crack and Joint Sealing